Women's Ministry

Bible Study

The Women's Bible studies are on every second Thursday, two sessions at 10am and at 2.30pm - A variety of Biblical topics are discussed in a friendly atmosphere, followed by a light luncheon giving us the opportunity to fellowship with one another.

Current: Inductive Study on the Book of Philippians 

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Every second Monday of the month from 7.30pm until 9pm -

Village Church provides a very special ladies fellowship time, where they are being knit together as the title suggests, also enabling and practicing the principles of the Bible for women.

Getting to know each other, to love one another and expecting to grow spiritually mature together as sisters the way Christ intended.

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Sisters In Christ

Held every first Monday of the month between 7.45pm and 9.30pm -

An evening to share experiences and knowledge. Sometimes a designated special guest will visit or a specific topic will be held. 

A time of getting to know one another, bonding, friendship and support.

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Women's Breakfast

The Women's Breakfast is a special time for the ladies to get together and fellowship over breakfast twice a year at the Salt Café, Heatherton Christian College. Special guest speakers are invited and it is a time of sharing, learning and creating lasting friendship with one another.

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