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Devotionals from Charles Spurgeon


"Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he falls." — 1Co_10:12

It is a curious fact, that there is such a thing as being proud of grace. A man says, "I have great faith, I shall not fall; poor little faith may, but I never shall." "I have fervent love," says another, "I can stand, there is no danger of my going astray." He who boasts of grace has little grace to boast of. Some who do this imagine that their graces can keep them, knowing not that the stream must flow constantly from the fountain head, or else the brook will soon be dry. If a continuous stream of oil comes not to the lamp, though it burn brightly to-day, it will smoke to-morrow, and noxious will be its scent. Take heed that thou gloriest not in thy graces, but let all thy glorying and confidence be in Christ and his strength, for only so canst thou be kept from falling. Be much more in prayer. Spend longer time in holy adoration. Read the Scriptures more earnestly and constantly. Watch your lives more carefully. Live nearer to God. Take the best examples for your pattern. Let your conversation be redolent of heaven. Let your hearts be perfumed with affection for men's souls. So live that men may take knowledge of you that you have been with Jesus, and have learned of him; and when that happy day shall come, when he whom you love shall say, "Come up higher," may it be your happiness to hear him say, "Thou hast fought a good fight, thou hast finished thy course, and henceforth there is laid up for thee a crown of righteousness which fadeth not away." On, Christian, with care and caution! On, with holy fear and trembling! On, with faith and confidence in Jesus alone, and let your constant petition be, "Uphold me according to thy word." He is able, and he alone, "To keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy."


"I will take heed to my ways." — Psa_39:1
Fellow-pilgrim, say not in your heart, "I will go hither and thither, and I shall not sin;" for you are never so out of danger of sinning as to boast of security. The road is very miry, it will be hard to pick your path so as not to soil your garments. This is a world of pitch; you will need to watch often, if in handling it you are to keep your hands clean. There is a robber at every turn of the road to rob you of your jewels; there is a temptation in every mercy; there is a snare in every joy; and if you ever reach heaven, it will be a miracle of divine grace to be ascribed entirely to your Father's power. Be on your guard. When a man carries a bomb-shell in his hand, he should mind that he does not go near a candle; and you too must take care that you enter not into temptation. Even your common actions are edged tools; you must mind how you handle them. There is nothing in this world to foster a Christian's piety, but everything to destroy it. How anxious should you be to look up to God, that he may keep you! Your prayer should be, "Hold thou me up, and I shall be safe." Having prayed, you must also watch; guarding every thought, word, and action, with holy jealousy. Do not expose yourselves unnecessarily; but if called to exposure, if you are bidden to go where the darts are flying, never venture forth without your shield; for if once the devil finds you without your buckler, he will rejoice that his hour of triumph is come, and will soon make you fall down wounded by his arrows. Though slain you cannot be; wounded you may be. "Be sober; be vigilant, danger may be in an hour when all seemeth securest to thee." Therefore, take heed to thy ways, and watch unto prayer. No man ever fell into error through being too watchful. May the Holy Spirit guide us in all our ways, so shall they always please the Lord.

Devotionals from Oswald Chambers

“Shut out every other consideration and keep yourself before God for this one thing only—My Utmost for His Highest. I am determined to be absolutely and entirely for Him and for Him alone.” Oswald Chambers


This famous quote from Oswald Chambers  is so filled with reverence and awe for our Sovereign God!

We ought to bear it in our minds and hearts.

Sign up to His Utmost devotionals by clicking the link below and enjoy a precious time of learning and coming closer to God in an intimate and rewarding way.

Devotionals from

The late R.C Sproul was a very dedicated and thorough Teacher of the Word of God. His website is filled with very useful articles and the devotional page is one excellent example of the importance of sound doctrine.

What we read and what we accept in our hearts as truth needs to be validated by the Word of God.

These devotionals are trustworthy and we hope you will enjoy perusing and spending time with God through them.

Devotionals from Grace To You

John McArthur's devotionals webpage is filled with good, sound, right and God honouring articles that touch into our everyday life events, issues and so forth. Much needed guidance is warranted for today's world situation. With these devotionals you are sure to be led, guided and encouraged into His love and truth.

The Alliance - Tozer Devotionals

A.W. Tozer was a great Pastor and writer who devoted his life for the Lord's purpose and glory.

His devotionals are inspiring, provoking and challenging at times, but they guide and lead us, helping us to live godly lives, and  giving the always needed truth about the scriptures and their meanings for us today.

We are sure you will enjoy Tozer's devotionals .

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