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We would like to invite you to join us each Sunday morning at 10am to our vibrant and relevant Worship Service that will  Inspire you to Discover and Develop Life in Christ.

Speakers for July

   6th July - Pastor Ian Mitchell

 13th July - Andrew Weston

20th July - Pastor Ian Mitchell

27th July - Ralph Hewes

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Community Harvest Assist

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Open Prayer Time

Saturday 19th July 2014

7am - 8am

5 Fir St, Dingley Village (Church Office)

Everyone is welcome to come and join in a time of prayer for each other, our Church and our Community

Missionary of the Month

This month we are praying for Nikolai & Nadia Kasprov ministering with Slavic Gospel Assoc. Ukraine.
Ukraine remains volatile and quite tense with political unrest. Pray for the Kasprovs’ as they lead their people through this time.
Pray also for the chilldrens’ Summer Camps being held at this time, that they will be effective in reaching many young ones for Christ.





Jesus In The Book Of Job

I'm sure you've heard and perhaps even used the old adage "the patience of Job!!". Yes, this ancient forefather who lived somewhere around the time of Abraham is most noted for his patience and perseverance in the time of trial and testing.

One day, in the middle of "the valley of death and depression" Job made quite a statement. - "I know that my Redeemer lives and that at the end of the day, He will stand upon the earth".

In this moment of despair, Job catches a glimpse of "my redeemer", his personal Redeemer, who is alive and who will ultimately come to redeem, that is, to buy us back for himself.

But then Job sees "his Redeemer" in another light, that He will come again and will stand upon the earth. This is His SECOND COMING.

His 1st Coming was to redeem.

His 2nd coming will be to rule.

What a statement! A statement with prophecy. A prophesy with certainty and hope. Jesus is prophesised all the way through the Old Testament. Here is another prophetic glimpse of a Saviour, a Redeemer in the ancient writings of Job.

"JESUS IN JOB" - Just a thought.


Senior Pastor

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