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 We meet  every Sunday in prayer at 31 Marcus Road, Dingley Village. 

We would like to invite you to join us each Sunday morning at 10am to our vibrant and relevant Worship Service that will Inspire you to Discover and Develop Life in Christ


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"I will meditate on your precepts and fix my eyes on your ways.? I will delight in your statutes; I will not forget your word."
Psalm 119:15-16

Speakers for February

  7 February - Rodney Hole
14 February - Rodney Hole
21 February - Barry Horner
28 February - TBA



All held at the Village Church office,
7 Fiveways Boulevard, Keysborough  


7am-8am -  Saturday 20 February


Every Wednesday morning - 10am - 11am

Everyone is welcome to come and join in a time of prayer for each other,
our Church and our Community

Women's Bible Study - Fortnightly 10-11.30am

Learning Life's Principles From The Women In The Bible

  4 February 
18 February

Men's Bible Study - Fortnightly 10.30am

'Grasping God's Word'

 5 February
19 February


Mens Group - Meets once a month on a Tuesday
6 till 9pm -7 Fiveways Boulevard

9 February - Guest Speaker Dr Barry Horner - Bunyan Ministries

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Missionaries of the Month



                                    Phil and Carol Short
                                 Working With SIM In Niger



“Battling Your Greatest Enemy!”

We could summarize the previous post by simply stating that within conflict, the natural bent of our hearts is to look after and care for ourselves first. We naturally run from, avoid, or attack that which is a source of pain or contention in our lives. We find it extremely difficult to not retaliate in kind, to not avoid or slander the one who has done us wrong.

Our concern is never over the fact that this person has just sinned against almighty God! But rather it is always overly concerned about how this is impacting me. The simple conclusion then is, that our greatest enemy is not the one who seems to be causing the pain, but it is us; our own sinful hearts being laid bare and exposed by the trial (Mk. 7:15). Listen here for two detailed messages on this topic

More often than not, we react and respond to conflict with little thought as to how our response should, could and must please God. The result is, that those who are to love their enemies as Christ did live lives that are powerless, devoid of impact and in fact demonstrate that they themselves are not too different from the world

How is it that we can fortify ourselves against the weaknesses of our flesh? How can we respond as Christ responded? How can we have a love which is unconditional, which will enable us to love the unlovable?

Over the next few posts, we will take time to look at a number of truths, which will enable you to stand strong right in the midst of intense conflict.

First: Preach the Gospel to Yourself!

The parable of the two debtors in Matthew 18 portrays the man who is forgiven an insurmountable debt and who goes out and immediately seeks justice.......

For the Glory of Christ

Pastor Rodney Hole

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