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Worship Service 10am Sunday



We have moved offices, but we still meet  every Sunday in prayer at 31 Marcus Road, Dingley Village

We would like to invite you to join us each Sunday morning at 10am to our vibrant and relevant Worship Service that will  Inspire you to Discover and Develop Life in Christ.

Speakers for March

  1 March - Pastor Rodney Hole

  8 March - Pastor Rodney Hole

15 March - Dale Sheppard -  COMMUNITY HARVEST ASSIST

22 March - Pastor Rodney Hole

29 March - Andrew Weston

Previous Services


7am - 8am

7 Fiveways Boulevard, Keysborough.  3173
(Church office)
Saturday 21st March

DRIVEN MEN!  Mens group - meets once a month

Tuesday 17th March
6pm - 9pm at the Village Church office (7 Fiveways Boulevard, Keysborough.  3173)
Please bring meat to share for a BBQ dinner

See Events for more details


Every Wednesday morning
10am - 11am at the Village Church office.
7-9 Fiveways Boulevard, Keysborough.  3173

Everyone is welcome to come and join in a time of prayer for each other, our Church and our Community

Every Saturday morning
9:30am - 9:45am
31 Marcus Rd, Harold Box Hall,
Dingley Village

Missionary of the Month

This month we are praying for Andy & Kellie UTLEY;  Samantha, Joshua & Levi
Serving with Navigators, Monash University, Clayton

Prayer points as the new University year starts:

  • For new, well grounded Christian students to replace
    those who graduated in 2014.
  • For logistics, and hearts to move so a graduate can
    return for internship with Andy on campus.
  • For Kellie supporting graduates who transition from
    reaching out in a student culture to in the professional
  • For the numerous lives Andy and Kellie invest in who
    don’t know Jesus - that hearts will soften and accept
  • For Christian students to grow vision for local context
    and wider community.

Over the course of 2015, we as a church will be working through the book of John, with the primary purpose of growing in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. My prayer is that the Gospel of John will give Village Church a fuller, deeper and richer understanding of the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Knowing and loving Christ is how we are dramatically liberated from sin and temptation. It is that which is used by God through the Spirit, to transform us into His image. (Jn. 8:31-32, 16:13-15, Rom. 8:32).

“Is it I Rabbi?”

Possibly one of the most overlooked incidents regarding the love of Christ is that of Christ’s interaction with Judas Iscariot. To a certain extent, most people understand who Judas was and we all most certainly know that he was the one who betrayed Christ with a kiss! Some have worked out that Judas had always been dipping into the “Money for the Poor box” and was a thief (Jn. 12:5-6).

One could spend a considerable amount of time studying the character and plights of Judas Iscariot, but for the sake of time we can simply say that he was a man who was a thief, a liar, a deceiver, a covetous man and worst of all, he betrayed the Son of the living God!

What is interesting is that if we were to combine the research and study of all believers for the last 2000 years of church history and wrote a detailed record of who Judas was, we would still never know him like Christ knew him!

Jesus Christ, God in human flesh, the One who was able to read the hearts, motives and thoughts of men would have know everything that made Judas tick. Jesus would have seen every evil motive, thought, desire and deed that resided within Judas.

Yet amazingly, with such divine knowledge and insight regarding Judas, Jesus patiently served him, taught and shepherded him and even on the night of His betrayal gave Judas the honorary first piece of the broken bread. Moreover, upon announcing to His disciples that one of them would indeed betray Him, the disciples didn't immediately turn to Judas and say, “I knew it!” But they all looked at one another in disbelief, wondering who the betrayer could be.

Surely this highlights the perfect love that Jesus showed to Judas! It is by this truth alone, that I am personally humbled and broken. It is this act of love, which highlights my own lack of love and draws me to the cross of Christ. I have indeed found within myself the propensity to withdraw my love from those who are hurting me; I am confounded and grieved over the initial fleshly response that comes from within my own heart when I am slighted or mistreated.

The deceitful utterance of my own heart pleads with me to protect myself from those who are hurting me. It beckons me to disregard Christ’s instruction “to love my enemies”, yet it fails to tell me that true freedom and liberation from the bitterness of sin only come from that which my heart fears the most. Loving the one who is sinning or has sinned against me.

Part 2 of this post will be dedicated to the practical steps that we can take to fortify ourselves against the weakness of our flesh, so that we will be ready and able to love like Christ loved.

For the Glory of Christ

Rodney Hole

Senior Pastor

Village Church

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