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Welcome To Village Church Dingley


We are pleased you have reached our website.Feel free to visit our pages and learn a little more about us. We are inviting you to join us each Sunday morning at 10am for a vibrant and relevant Worship Service which will                                                                                                                                                                           "Inspire You To Discover And Develop Life In Christ"

Click Logo below, scroll down and listen to some great sermons delivered at the 2017 NZ IMPACT CONFERENCE held June 2 -5. 

*Hit the Youtube videos to watch them.

impact IMPACT NZ 2017


Speakers For November

  5 Nov- Ps Rodney Hole
12 Nov- Andrew Weston
19 Nov-  Ps Rodney Hole

26 Nov-  Ps Rodney Hole

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Programs and Events

Find out about the various programs and events Village Church offers to help bring you closer to God




7am to 8am and 9am to 10am -

18 November - 7 Fiveways Bld.


Every Wednesday morning - 10am - 11am 

Everyone is welcome to come and join in a time of prayer for each other,
our Church and our Community - 7 Fiveways Blvd

Missionaries of the Month

November  2017

Tan Yone and Susan Cha - Working with Worldshare in Myanmar


Prayer Points:

Pray for the shepherding mountain village land to be fully utilized. Pray for their College Ministry's relocation and its following works to be planned and completed successfuly. Pray that Grace Haven's agriculture to be healthy and fruitful resulting in a plentiful crop. Pray for God's blessings and protection in all Tan and Susan's endeavours for His Kingdom.

"God is Always at the Controls of the Universe"

"And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good " Genesis 1:31
I do not know why God does some things, but I am convinced that nothing is accidental in His universe. In the creation chapters of Genesis, there is a beautiful exercise in utility - God making an orderly world for a purpose, with everything having a reason for existence.
If I am allowed to go into a hospital operating room, I am completely ignorant about the uses for most of the strange and complex facilities. But the surgeon knows each one and none of those instruments is there by accident.
If I could step into the cab of one of the great, powerful diesel locomotives, I would be perplexed by the many buttons and handles and bars. I could wreck the whole thing in a few minutes. But the engineer knows - and he gets the proper results when he pushes the proper switches and the right buttons.
So, when God Almighty stepped into the cab of His locomotive, which we call the cosmos, He was at the controls and He has always pushed the right buttons.
Just because there are things in the universe beyond my human explanation, it does not allow me to accuse God of making a lot of unnecessary truck to clutter the universe. God made everything for some purpose.
A.W.Tozer, excerpt taken from Renewed Day by Day.

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